Here at Group 1 (CCTV Dept ) can design a package to suit your security needs and Budget 

How much does a Home or Business  CCTV System cost?


The cost of a CCTV System for your home is dependent upon a number of things, such as

  • number of cameras

  • type of cameras (HD or IP)

  • where they are being placed

  • how long you need to record footage for

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All our systems are designed to offer value for money, while offering the best equipment on the market. Remember, we warranty all the installs, so we want to provide the best equipment we can.

Home CCTV Costs

The cost of Home CCTV Installation depends upon these factors:

  • How many cameras do you require? Obviously less cameras = less expensive.

  • What type of cameras do you need? Simple home cameras are cheap, pan tilt zoom cameras cost more

  • Where in your home are the cameras to be installed? As long as the cameras are below 2 stories high, costs are low

  • How much recording do you need? A few weeks is standard, but if you need a long period of recording, then costs increase

  • Where are you based? We cover the whole of the UK

Home CCTV Price List

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