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Security Training by Ex Military Instructors

SIA Training
Offering SIA compliant Security Training . We endeavour to arrange cheap affordable training courses focused at employment yet not compromising on quality.

About Group 1 Training Academy 

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

SIA and Industry Approved Training

All our affiliated and associate training centers are approved by SIA for security and other awarding bodies for industry specific qualifications.

Why Choose Us

Simple reason keep your aim and objective in mind, you want to get your certificate immediately, if you go to the high flyers imagine the number of people they are training and their administrative delays. What  Offer is what you want immediate training step two immediate notification of result and  your license so you can make money.

We provide training for door supervisor, CCTV and security guard training in the Tyne and Wear Area.

. We can guarantee to provide the most cost effective and cheapest training for door supervisor, CCTV and security guard training by our Ex Military instructors

Security Industry Authority

The regulator of the private security industry in the UK is SIA. It regulates the private security industry and it says that if certain type of activities are required to be done you would be required to apply for the grant of an licence. There are two types of licenses which are

  • Front line All the activities being done as door supervisors, CCTV operators security guards and close protection fall under the category of front line

  • Non front line As the name suggests this license is required if you wish to work in the industry  in non front line position may be as a manager in a security company etc.

How do i get my SIA licence

In Order to get an sia license for any of the regulated activities you would require to get the requisite qualification for door supervision, security guarding, CCTV or close protection etc. The training can be taken from any approved training provider like us. Once you have successfully completed your training and passed the exams you would be required to apply for your sia license. The SIA licence would cost you £220 at the current price and will be valid for a period of three years.

Cheap SIA Security Training Courses

Cheap security training courses for door supervisor, CCTV, security guard The SIA compliant security qualifications leading to an award in door supervision can be delivered at any venue. Cheap does not mean that we will compromise on quality. We also also offer the most affordable accredited first aid qualifications for the level 2 emergency first aid at work and the level 3 first aid at work in 

We can offer a bespoke service this means you dont have to come to use we can travel to your location to train a group of students 

Take a Look at our Courses and see if we can Help you Progress in your career 


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